Why you should consider responsive design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design refers to website design and code that resizes and works to the scale and proportion size of mobile devices such as a smart phone and tablet. This includes the way the layout, images, typography and other features adjust according to the size of the device displaying the website. For example, a site viewed on a wide laptop screen may have an image to the left, text surrounding it, and a sidebar with ads or other elements to the right

It’s no secret that more and more people are accessing the web with smart phones, tablets and TV’s, and the numbers are growing. We are no longer just sitting at our desks. We are searching for info on the go with our phones, we’re posting web content from our tablets on the go, and buying products from the comfort of our own homes on our TV’s. Every device provides a different browsing experience. Work and entertainment cross paths at the office, at home and everywhere in between.

So when considering a new website for your business or a revamp, keep in mind the growing use of smart phone devices. If you check your web analytics, you’ll likely find between 10% and 20% of your site visits are coming from mobile devices at this point, and those numbers are only going to rise in the coming months and years.

So you may have a beautiful website and maybe fantastic on your laptop but may very well turn off your customers when they come to visit on mobile devices. Keep this in mind.


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