For months now I’ve been wanting to write a post on our wedding and the effort we both put in to really pull off our fabulous day, almost a year has flown by and I’ve just not had the chance to sit down and really talk about it. A year in August it will be till we hit the 1 year anniversary and I couldn’t be more happier. I go along to some of my friends wedding and think “god I miss this” all the planning, yes it was stressful but looking back it was so much fun, I would do it all again if it mean’t having to design all my own stuff again.


I’m gonna jump right in and talk about our theme – We knew from the start we wanted a superhero theme, we are both huge lovers of all the Marvel and DC films so it only felt right to design everything around that, we also knew we wanted to stand out from many of our friends weddings and what way to do that then have a theme about superheroes. The biggest challenge for us here was making up a sweepstakes board of 100 superheroes (not as easy as you might think haha) I remember spending a whole 2 days on this – just sitting with my husband to be trying to think of superheroes we haven’t already got.

We also colour themed everything in turquoise which has now become my favourite colour – even my car is blue haha. My bridesmaids gowns which I highly recommend getting from www.forherandforhim.com – I was very sceptical about buying my bridesmaid dresses online, this was my wedding and I didn’t want anything going badly, I kept finding high-street prices far too steep for two dresses and didn’t know where to turn – then my sister found www.forherandforhim.com whom I did a thorough background check on and honestly the company was perfect, the colour was exactly what I wanted, they were handmade from scratch and just utterly blew my mind when I got them! They also featured me on their instagram


We wanted no ordinary cake – it had to WOW people! And we didn’t disappoint – our cake really was a showstopper, probably one of the best parts of our wedding – and we were very luckily to have it made by my very own cousin (check out her facebook page here). We had to have one of those cakes that was a half and half thing – very traditional one side and absolutely astonishing the other! I’ve never been to a wedding with a cake like this before but I knew it would astound our guests on the day. Hats off to my cousin Amanda for her amazing work and attention to detail!


I designed everything myself – I guess you already know that being as your on a designers website and portfolio – everything from our wedding stationery, right the way through to menu, table plans and order of service. I had a lot of help with my printing, as we decided on concertina folded invites and required special assistance to achieve this. We knew we wanted to go the extra mile on anything and everything I created for my wedding.


Overall our wedding was a perfect day where you just realise your marrying your best friend to be with them for the rest of your life and you make that one day feel so special and relive all the amazing days you’ve already had together. I would do it all over again tomorrow if I could, it really was the best day of my life!

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