Tigertone Pole Studio

Tiger Tone Pole studio, Based in Havant, Hampshire is a very popular Pole dancing class aimed at flexibility and strength. Natalie Cripps, the owner wants her pole dancers to achieve success in their health and fitness, and specially formulated exercise programmes. Her successful business has led to her being in local newspapers and local radio stations to allow her passion to progress further and allowing people to be more aware about pole dancing fitness.



Whilst working with Natalie, we have managed to create a brand that stands out from other pole dancing studios, with her love of Tigers and Pole dancing its only right to create a brand that reflects this.

As a long running client I have worked on many forms of design for Tiger Tone Pole Studio, including website design, multiple printed leaflets and clothing products. I took this enthusiasm that Natalie oozes and put her personality into her new site. A professionally designed site has seen her profile rise in the local area and helped increase her range of pole dancers both locally and distant.