Bell Ballet Website Launch

I am very pleased to officially announce the launch of Bell Ballet School website located in Stubbington Hampshire, although the website has been viewable for some time now the website has – as I like to call – been avaliable as a soft launch – basically allowing user access to the website although the website…

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Print Finishes

One of my favourite things working in graphic design is print finishing, although I work a lot with web and digital media its always great to get a project that involves print. You really get to think about what the outcome will look like, what stock to print it on, whether its printed on gloss…

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Why having a Brand is important

So what is a brand, and what makes it so important? A brand is often determined as a Name, Term, design or symbol that relates and identifies a business by their goods or service that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. A brand is what represents peoples perception of a companies customer service,…

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