A Design wedding

So this week, my boyfriend of five years asked me to marry him, and I couldn’t resist but to say yes! Happiest moment of my life, and he did it in the most thoughtful way possible! �Homemade video of our life so far together, it was gorgeous reliving all those moments together and the hosts of the venue were so great to us too.

But now for some serious planning, I mean if we want a summer wedding and not wait two years, then we are looking at a year of planning.

That’s where being a graphic designer has its HUGE benefits, I can design all the wedding stationery! and yes I have some great ideas with what direction I want it all to go. Having experience doing a few of my friends wedding invitations, I have gathered all sorts of different design medias – including letterpress, hand drawn and even seen some paper foiling – but I think for my style (and with approval from my new fiance) handmade is the winner! Not only is it unique but it can be visually stunning, and I need to make an impression to my other friends next in line to get married. I have always loved handmade typography and this is such a great time to be able to experiment with it.





Of course its still early stages of wedding planning, and my pinterest account is being overloaded with wedding ideas, invitation designs and colour schemes but I suppose its healthy to talking about your ideas to really reassure yourself on the whole design side of the wedding.

Stay posted, I will keep my blog updated with my design stages of my wedding invitations and stationery, however stressful it may get. Being a designer its got to be perfect.

If you find that your interested in using my style of design for your wedding stationery, then don’t hesitate tocontact me!

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